Earn big with our

affiliate programme!

there's Profit in helping others

to start a business!

By joining our Affiliate Programme for The Simple Start Up Strategy™ courses, you'll not only be helping others to start their new business with ease, but you'll have the opportunity to earn a tidy sum at the same time, earning commissions above the industry average.

Becoming an affiliate is easy! All you need to do is fill out a few details, and once approved you'll be able to start promoting our courses and earning your commission.

here's what you'll get 

When you refer someone to our courses using your own affiliate link, their visit will be tracked. When they make a purchase you will receive a commission of at least 30% for every course that they enrol in! Your affiliate links track for 30 days, so as long as they purchase within that time you'll be rewarded. We pay commissions every month so you'll never have to wait long for a payout.

If you'd like, we'll even provide you with your very own sales page to help you to sell the course to your list!

Once you've been accepted, we'll work out a great commission structure and then you'll be taken to Thrive Cart, which is our affiliate platform. That's where you'll be able to choose the courses you're promoting, access the links you need, add your payment details, and check on your views, sales, and commissions.

who are our courses for? 

If someone wants to start a business that provides some kind of service, then our courses were made for them! It doesn't matter what industry they are in – accountancy, wellness, electrician, construction, marketing, care, hair stylist, PA, or any trade. The information, lessons, and strategies will work for them. 

The Simple Start Up Strategy™ course has everything they need to build their foundation in marketing for a new business. The Accelerator lessons included guide them through all the logistics (names, domains, business registration etc). The course is great for anyone in the UK with links to all the relevant bodies, but also works for those overseas.

What makes this Business course
so Different?

All the hours/days/weeks that would usually be spent trying to find the information people need to start a business is no longer necessary! 

The Simple Start Up Strategy™ course brings together the key information they need to know, so anyone can set up a business for success. And they get to follow a straight forward, no nonsense process, so that they can get their business up and running easily.

This course removes all the confusion and helps budding entrepreneurs to move forward with their idea, and get their business set up with ease.

Check out the course sales page here and see exactly what you will be selling!

Will you help me to

make a difference?

I want you on board!  Help me to spread the word – that it's simple to start a business, when you have the right tools, and the right mentor.

I’ve seen too many people stumble, wait for the right moment, and then never start their business. With your connections and your dedication, we can reach those audiences who are currently getting muddled, frustrated, and just don't have the time or know where to start. We can make their lives a lot easier!

I created this affiliate programme to make sure that everyone wins, so why not apply now!

If you have any questions or would just like to reach out, I'm always happy to hear from you.