Is the perfect business idea already on your list?

What do you do if you have 

 too many ideas

on your list?

Just knowing what idea to choose can be very overwhelming, especially if you have long lists of ideas.

So if this is you and you need some help choosing just one idea, then look no further! I'm going to help you to narrow down your list until you have the perfect business idea.
And even if you think that you have your business idea all worked out, have a read though these steps so that you can be sure you are on the right track.


I don't have any ideas yet!

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I'm Naomi

Nice to see you working on your business idea!

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Let's go – I'm ready To Nail The Perfect Business Idea!

Firstly, if you’ve never started a business before and you have a list of ideas, let me start by saying that is absolutely normal to have multiple ideas. I still keep adding ideas to a list in the Notes app on my phone. Some ideas I know I won’t ever develop, and there are some that I’ll definitely be giving more thought to.

Keeping a long list of business ideas is a trait of highly successful entrepreneurs, which highlights that you are creative. The world needs more people thinking like you! People who want to create something for themselves, for their family, and to positively impact the lives of others. But finding the perfect business idea can be a little tricky, so I've got 3 easy steps you can follow to help you get some clarity.

By the way, it’s ok if by the end of this task you still have a couple of ideas on your list. You don’t have to know exactly which idea to run with yet. That's when you can do the work to identify a market for them, which would give you a definite answer.

a word about passion

before we begin

You spend so much of your life working, so please make sure that you have ideas on your list that you are passionate about. 

I can't stress this enough! If you start something you're not really feeling and you don't have any excitement for then it's unlikely to ever be a success.

If this is you then have a re-think and go back to the ideas stage.

Step 1

Do you already know?

This might sound simple, but do you already know what you what you want to do? What does your intuition say? This step alone might bring you the clarity you are looking for.

Reduce the overwhelm right away by reviewing all the ideas on your list and scrubbing off those you just don’t see yourself starting. You might have added them to your list on a whim, or they might have been an good idea once but now you know they are not really right for you.

Don’t think too much about it, but instead go for your gut reaction when you look at each idea. You will instinctively know which ones just aren’t for you.

If you have a long list this is a great way to remove some ideas that just don’t need to be there.

Next, read through your list of ideas again. See if there is one idea that stands out more than any other, aka the perfect business idea!

  • Is there one idea on your list that you always keep going back to?
  • Do you have something on your list that you just LOVE the idea of?
  • Close your eyes and bring the ideas to life - which one brings you joy?
  • Which idea is written at the top of your list, and is it at the top for a reason?

If none of your ideas jump straight out at you, then go to step 2 now.

But, if you have identified an idea straight away, then that might be the one for you. When we are faced with making a decision quickly we will often pick something that we really want, and so intuitively you might know what that is straight away. Sometimes it’s as easy as that, and when something just feels right then it usually is.

to confirm this idea

how does it make you feel?

When you think about this idea do you feel excited, passionate, and ready to start? If the answer is yes then you may already have a winner! And if this is the case then that was probably a lot easier than you were expecting, right!

If this is the one, you want to make sure there is a market for it, and then start building your foundations. Use this article to help you do this.

Or if you want to get straight to building your foundations quickly, and get your business set up with plenty of guidance and support then The Simple Start Up Strategy™course will take you through everything you need to know.

See, I said I'd get you moving quickly!

Step 2

An Exercise Of The

Head Vs Heart

If step 1 didn't bring you that great "aha" moment, then this next step will get you closer!

Create two columns – one for Heart and one for Head. Go through your ideas, putting each of them into a column. Do this on paper rather than in a document – it feels more real and personal, which is what you need.

Use your gut reaction again to help you. If you feel passionate about the idea, excitement, happiness, and a strong desire to do it, then put it in the heart column.

But, if your first reaction is lacking much of a feeling, yet you think it makes good business sense, then put it into the head column.

And if you think something fits both columns then put it across both.


Scrub out everything in the head column!

This might sound scary, especially if you have ideas in this column that you know or think are a good idea. They might be great for someone else. But if they don’t get you feeling a desire or excitement, then maybe it’s not the perfect business idea for you. So start scrubbing them out (extra satisfying on paper).

Remember how you'll spend so much of your time working in your business? You want to do something that you are excited to do, so this task will need total honesty from you.

what's in both columns?

Do you have anything that covers both heart and head?

This would be a perfect scenario! For example, let's look at what I do.

I help people start a business without stress. I wanted to do something to help people move them forwards in their life – that was important to me. And I really loved the start up process for my own business and others. So that's a tick in the heart column!

But my career has been spent managing complex marketing campaigns for big brands and this is what I’m trained to do. This was a tick in the head column.

I worked out a way to combine the two perfectly. I am using the knowledge that I’ve gathered over the last 20 years, whilst focusing on the part of marketing that I really enjoy. And I know that I am helping people to overcome a huge obstacle. For me it's the perfect business idea.

So do you have anything in both columns? If the answer is yes and you know that there is a market for your business, then that could be the one.

If you've got more than 1 idea still on your list then step 3 will help you make a decision.

Step 3

Can you make money

with your idea?

By now you should really only have 1 or 2 ideas left on your list that haven't been enthusiastically scrubbed out. And these should be things that you are passionate about. You might even already know now exactly which idea just feels right.

If you love each idea equally though, then here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if it brings you any more clarity.

  • Do you have enough experience in the thing you are most passionate or excited about? And do people need that?
  • For example: You get a real buzz helping others by giving them advice. And you often find yourself as the go-to person for help and advice at work. So you might be thinking of starting a coaching business.
  • For example: You love interior design, and you regularly get asked to design for others. You might want to set up an interior design business.

In both these examples, the experience is there. And there is also clearly a need for this service because people are asking for your help. And if people are asking for it, then there's money to be made.

  • In what ways could you make money with this idea?
  • The coaching example: You have a specific insight into issues in the workplace. So you could create a number of services. Corporate training sessions for businesses could help alleviate workplace confrontations (either in-house or online). You might create an online course designed for employees (e.g. conflict resolution). And you could also offer 1:1 mentoring or life coaching for individuals outside of work.
  • The interior design example: You might identify 3 separate services that you can offer. A full service high-end solution where you re-design a homeowners interiors (design, buy and install the items) could be one. Or a more affordable option giving styling advice to homeowners (giving a tailored plan of what & where to buy). Or perhaps an online course or guide, showing homeowners how to style their home (for different budgets). 

These examples give you an idea as to how a passion could be turned into profit. So what is your idea? What are all the possible ways you could make money from something you love to do?

do you now have a business idea

that you can start working on?

These simple questions should have helped you identify the business idea that shows the most potential.

So can you feel that a huge weight has been lifted? Has that cloud of overwhelm now disappeared? I've no doubt that you will be feeling much better, just knowing that your list has been narrowed right down and you are ready to get to work, and that is exciting!

Next steps

validate your idea!

This is where all the fun begins and you can actually start working on your business, and if there’s one piece of advice I want you to take on board, it’s to validate your idea first! 

You absolutely need to be sure that there is definitely a market for your idea, that you know who your customers are, have figured out your competitive edge, and know exactly what you are selling!

By doing this you a building the foundations that will enable your business to thrive.

“Do NOT start working on a website or logo until you have checked that there is definitely a market for your idea”

Too many people miss out this important step and don’t build this foundation for their business.

But this results in people trying to start and never getting it off the ground, or failing to ever make any sales.

Check out this article, which will get you started. Or get your business up and running quickly with The Simple Start Up Strategy course, designed for people just like you.

I want you and your business to thrive, for you to follow your passion, create a purposeful business and a life that you can proudly look back on and say “I did it!”.

I’m excited for your progress and can’t wait to hear how you get on.

Let me know in the comments which idea you're going to run with, and anything interesting that came up for you in this process. 

here's to your massive success!

ready to get started?

why not take The Simple Start-up Strategy™ course!

Because this step is so important and I want you to make super smart progress, I’ve put together the PERFECT COURSE, which will get you validating your business idea, so you set your business up the RIGHT way.

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The Simple Start Up Strategy is achievable, affordable, and it's available now!

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